Broker Dealers for Sale - Nobody Sells More Broker Dealers.

For 21 years, Financial Advisor Market has served the special Buy, Sell and Merge needs of small to medium sized Broker Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). Our experience has allowed Financial Advisor Market to streamline the process for those who have a Broker Dealer for Sale or and RIA for Sale as well as those who wish to Buy a Broker Dealer or RIA - providing quick and smooth transition of ownership. All Calls are kept in strict confidence. Financial Advisor Market will never sell or share your information unless it is in the furtherance of your Acquisition.

Financial Advisor Market has numerous companies listed at any given time, ranging from clean, reporting, never used shell Broker Dealer's to substantial producing Broker Dealers with very recognizable names. In addition, we have clean shell RIA's to substantial producing RIA's.   We also assist in a multitude of related regulatory compliance procedures. Our current list of buyers and sellers is available to all. However, due to the special needs of larger companies, in the 100 million plus range, these companies are not openly listed. Should you be interested in a larger, producing brokerage house or Registered investment Advisor, it will be necessary to make confidential contact in order to gain access to this information.

It DOES make a difference who represents YOU when you Buy, Sell or Merge a Broker Dealer or RIA! Some people "claim" to be the leading company in financial services acquisitions intermediary, BUT do your due diligence and check their credentials....
Then, give us a call at 954.565.2465.

If you have a Broker Dealer or RIA for Sale, call us for a free valuation of your Broker Dealer or RIA.  Do you know someone who has a Broker Dealer for Sale or and RIA for sale call us, we will gladly pay you a 20% referral fee.

We have numerous Broker Dealer's in excess of 10 Million and as much as 200 million that are not listed in our public list. Call now for details.